Love Notes

Sharing the Wand

At first she is intimidated at the thought of trying it. But she sees my face when it touches me and she rises, ready for it. Daddy with the brand-new power tool. 

I start her out by straddling her, both of us with panties on, mounds together in an almost-kiss. I nest the head of it between us. Use my bone to push the vibrations against her. 

But soon I am taking all of the pleasure for myself. She sees that, and she takes over command.

She wants me naked. I protest. I need my panties to dull and spread the rapid-fire shaking of the strong new thing. 

Just this once, she chooses to allow it, but I’d better not question her again. 

I swear, I promise. Anything you say… not a question… right away…

Cameron, to my left, wants to hold a gaze with me. He only wants a little but I give him nothing. I keep my face open to her. To only her. I choose. 

And he is waiting, wingside. He is on his mark, hard and ready by the time I let him enter. 

They flip me on my belly. Press me down onto the bulb of the wand.

He shoves his hips between my shaking, locking legs…

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Photo by Anna Shvetsfrom Pexels