Come in. Pleasure to see you.

I’m Peach Berman, poet and author of erotic fiction.

My work focuses on love and lust that hasn’t yet seen its due in erotica and romance. Polyamorous encounters figure large. Contact crosses boundaries of culture and race. Characters explore their identities and desires, surprising themselves with what they find.

Bold, experimental, and highly personal, my words open me to you.

May what I offer bring you pleasure.


Publications and More

I’m delighted to announce that my short story Planet Rolling Over will be published in the fourth anthology by New Smut Project. Coming in May, 2022, the volume is now available for pre-order at Smashwords and Gumroad (and at Amazon, too, but why give them the business?).

My nonfiction blog, True Love for Sale, is an exploration of my livelihood and love life, and the generous overlap between the two. Pauli Atomic is the pseudonym I used for that project, but don’t be fooled. The name may be fake, but the stories are real.